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Newtech Rubber Industries


Newtech Rubber Industries

General Rubber Components


A Quality Product from
Newtech Rubber Industries [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
General Rubber Components are manufactured as per end uses requirements as per their specification and drawing and their service conditions.

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Newtech Rubber Industries

Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of- 1. Bellows / Boots- Highly flexible components available in wide & unlimited variety of shapes and sizes. They provide a complete protection for shafts, shaft joints, movable joints, stearing boots, shock absorber in pneumatic systems, & hydraulic systems. Rubber Expansion Joint. 'O' Rings & Oil Seals- 'O'. Rings among the most basic of sealing components read to fit sealing elements for leakproof sealing in mechanical instruments, hydraulic , pneumatic systems, construments automatic & earthmoving equipment. Extrusion Profiles- Rubber profiles of various elastomers are use in Gaskets for buildings, Glass beddings, Automobiles, Refrigeration and brevery etc. Silent Blocks & Dampers:- Silent Blocks & Dampers are used in suspension system, Ball Joints, Steering linkages youes, radius arms, & angle joints. Engine Mounts, Hoses & Tubes, General Rubber Components. Our products are known for durability and performance under all conditions. Which include high pressure for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, diaphragms, bellows, expansion joints, rubber to metal bonded items, 'O' , 'U', and 'V' rings, cups, extruded sections etc. We have an all inclusive range of products that are used in various industries like: Aerospace, Automobiles, Cement, Earthmoving Equipment, Electronic, Electrical, Heavy Engineering, Mining, Petro-Chemicals & Fertilizers, Railways etc. Our product range includes.

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