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Hot Air Generator


A Quality Product from
Mumbai - India

Description :
Vijay Engineering?s Oil fired Hot Air generator Model BLOCKS comprise of an advanced shell in shell type radiant heat transfer section connected to a multiple pass shell and tube convective heat exchanger. Pressurized fuel oil is efficiently burnt by means of an efficient burner in the combustion chamber, where it heats cold air passing through the annular space provided between the two shells. The clean air which is pushed through the radiant section, by means of centrifugal blower, gets preheated and is then taken to shell and the tube type convective heat exchanger .The flue gases resulting from combustion are also led to the convective heat exchanger where the final heat exchange takes place and clean hot air is made available for drying applications.
The heaters are available in two different types :
- Internal Re-circulation Type
- External Re-circulation Type

Fully automatic operation :
VE-HOT AIR SYSTEM is fully automatic in operation. The system I provide with control panel housing a sequence controller, which switches ON & OFF the burner based on preset outlet temperature of hot air in accordance with the demand.

Easy Operation :
VE-HOT AIR SYSTEM are designed and constructed for easy operation. By mere turn of a switch the unit put in to operation. Any malfunction is easily and immediately detected and an audio-visual alarm system gives a clear-cut idea of fault to the operator, for quick rectification

Packaged Models :
VE-HOT AIR SYSTEM are offered as package comprising of the main unit along with accessories like fully automatic combustion system, air circulating
Blower, control panel etc. This ensures very less erection time and site work. Only simple connections of power, oil, chimney and air ducting are required to start the unit.

High Duel Efficiency :
Efficient pressure jet combustion system, liberal heat transfer area accounted in design and insulated heat transferring equipments ensure high fuel efficiency.

Fail Safe System :
The following safety features ensure failsafe operation of the unit:
-[Digital electronic outlet air temperature controller:]
-Provides for precise temperature indication and control. It switches off the burner if hot air temperature exceeds set value and simultaneously acts as an overriding safety.
-[Photocell:] For flame detection. It puts OFF the system if flame is not established within preset time or if flame is not stable.
-Ant drip design of burner: Prevents dipping of oil in combustion chamber.
-Overload Relays: Prevents single phasing of electric motors.
-Cylinder Temperature Controller: For high temperature system, this controller puts OFF the unit in the event of low air flow or no air flow.

features :
- Fully Automatic
- Easy Operation
- Packaged Models
- Record Efficiency
- Failsafe System
- Compact in Design
- Caters to hot air requirement of any Drier
- Larger Production at economic Drying Costs

Product Applications :
Hot air generated by VE-Hot Air System can be used in existing Tray Driers or for New drying Chambers & Furnaces.
Hot air can be used in Spin flash Driers, Spray Driers.

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