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ACME Tele Power Ltd.


ACME Tele Power Ltd.

Telecom Air Conditioners


A Quality Product from
ACME Tele Power Ltd. [View Profile]
Gurgaon - India

Description :
ACME has pioneered the innovation of air conditioners designed specially for the telecom industry. These air conditioners come with an inbuilt Free Cooling Unit that helps operators run their sites with minimal power consumption.
Our air conditioners are designed to withstand environmental elements and are based on filter less technology for maintenance-free operation.
DC operated air conditioners are also available. Having manufactured over 8000 units bears witness to the popularity of this particular solution.

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ACME Tele Power Ltd.

Provides both monitoring systems and engineering services to utilities and major users customers offering power conditioning, lightning and surge protection. Our product includes: -Green Shelters -Lightning and Surge Protection -Power Interface Units -SMPS Systems -Line Conditioner Units -Phase Change Metarial -Telecom Air Conditioners -Free Cooling Unit

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