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Susham Agencies


Susham Agencies

GMX Online Fluid Conditioners.


A Quality Product from
Susham Agencies [View Profile]
Ahmedabad - India

Description :
GMX is a Online Fluid Conditioning System.
*GMX is Useful for Hard Water Problems.
*GMX removes existing scales and prevent further scale formation.
*GMX has No on-going cost.
*GMX Does Not require any power.
*GMX offers Life Time Warranty for Its Products.
*GMX also comes with 90 days Money Back Guarantee.

Product Applications :
Domestic: Useful for Homes/Appts./Flats/Banglows.

Commercial: Hotels/Swimming Pools/Hospitals/Laundromats.

Industrial: Boilers/Cooling Towers/Heat Exchangers/Chillers/Evaporators.

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Susham Agencies

Distributors of GMX Online Water & Fuel Conditioners.GMX is also used for Boilers, Cooling Towers, Chillers, Condensors as de-scaling system. GMX also works as Fuel Saver. Emaux High Rate Sand Filters for Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment plants.Emaux Swimming Pool Filters, Equipments & Filteration Systems, All kind of Pool & Spa acessories, Plastic Lattice (Decorative Plastic Grills).

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