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Pressure Transmitters


A Quality Product from
SSNT Ltd [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
Pressure transmitters are based on bonded foil strain gauge technology. The product design features include unitized diaphragm made in 17-4 PH SS, fitted in a unitized 316SS tubular casing. The compact size make them light weight and adaptable to be accumulated in location where space restrictions pose problem. Also all SS construction makes them rugged and suitable during installation in tough conditions.

SSNT Pressure Transducers are
1. High Precision - SSPX - HP
2. Precision - SSPX - P
3. General Purpose - SSPX - GP
4. Low Cost - SSPX-LC

Product Applications :
Applications of Pressure Transmitters are

1. Petrochemical Refineries
2.Food Industries
4.Fertiliser Industries
5.Steel Industries
6.Pneumatic Machinery
7.Chemical Industries
8.Cement Industries
10.Water level gauging
11.Hydraulic Machinery
12.Automobilc Industry

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Manufacturers of Pressure, Force, Torque, Displacement, Level, Flow, Temperature Sensors, pH, Humidity & other sensors, Indicators/ Controllers/ Recorders, Calibration, Intelligent Equipments - PLC, SCADA, DCS.

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