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Usha Brita waterguard


A Quality Product from
Chennai - India

Description :
Usha Brita waterguard, a water filter specially designed for India in Germany. German technology that not only filters water , but kills harmful germs and improves taste too.

Designed under German supervisions and ideal for Indian water conditions, the Usha Brita waterguard is not one but three generations ahead of ordinary water filters. A unique 3-stage process that leaves water absolutely clear and germ-free, and even improves the taste.

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We are professionals involved in the field of water treatment engineering. We supply pre-filteration systems like pressure sand filter ,activated carbon filter, multi grade filter, iron removal filter. Micron Filters - Liquid filters upto 0.1 micron, Liquid filters upto 0.01 micron, IN-Line Conical Filters [ILCF], Stainless steel Lab Filters. Water Softening products - Water Softener, Deionisers, Filters - Manual & Automatic, Low & High Rate Filtration, Activated Carbon Filter, Iron Removal Filter, Side Stream Filter, Auto wash Gravity Filter, FRP & MS Construction. Swimming Pool systems - Sand Filtration, Chemical dosing systems, Swimming pool cleaners, Whirlpool systems, Accessories. Membrane Seperation Systems - Domestic & Industrial RO, Desalination Units, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration. Mineral water Plants - Skid Mounted units, Micron Filtration, UV & Ozone treatment, R0 based treatment, Mineral Injection. Brita water Purification systems, Aquafine water Purification Systems, Ozone Generators, Analytical Istruments - Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, UV-VIS Spectrophotometry, Flame photometry, Ion selective potentiometry, pH Potentiometry, Gas analysis - Process chemical gas analysis, Lung analyzers & Incubators, Burners, boilers & commercial ovens, Heat treatment, green houses, fermentation, breweries, air liquification & enclosed spaces.

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