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YSPL-900 Instrument Sterilizer


A Quality Product from
Delhi - India

Description :
?As per IS : 5022?1989
Made of Seamless S.S. Sheet of grade-304 (18 Cr-8 Ni).
Suitable for 220V, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC Supply.
Available in following sizes :-
L ? W ? H Power
300 ? 150 ? 125 mm 1.00 KW
430 ? 200 ? 150 mm 1.50 KW
510 ? 200 ? 150 mm 2.00 KW.

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Manufacturers and Exporter of All Kinds Of Scientific Laboratory Equipments and Surgical Equipments. We have a vast range of products such as Aerosol Disinfector, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Cryostat Microtome, Tissue Processor, Vaccine Storage Cabinet, Incubators & Metabolic Shakers. Our products range includes Histopathology: Histology :- Tissue Processor, Microtome, Cryostat Microtome, Staining Machine, Knife Sharpener, Accessories, Pathology :- Colony Counter, Blood Cell Counter, Microslide Cabinet, Slide Cabinet, Forensic :- Autopsy Table, Mortuary Storage, Clean Air: Clean Air Equipment :- Modules, Biological Safety Cabinet, Clean Room Tent, Pass Box, Laminar Air Flow Bench, Sterile Storage Cabinet, Air Shower, Air Curtain, Glossing Table, Waste Disposal :- Incinerator, Refrigration :- Freeze Dryer, Baths, ULT Upright/Chest Freezers, Vaccine/Semen Storage Cabinet, Chromatography Refrigerator, Sterilization: Sterilization Equipment :- Dressing Drums, Vertical Autoclaves, E.T.O. Sterilizer, Rectangular Horizontal Sterilizers, Scrub Station, Table Top Autoclave, Water Stills, High Speed Sterilizers, Cylindrical Horizontal Autoclaves, Autoclaves, Waste Management Equipment :- Waste Sterilizer, Waste Incinerator, Waste Shredder, Blood Banking: Blood Bank Equipment :- Blood Bank Chamber, Elisa Plate Rotator, Platelet Incubator, Plasma Freezer, Heating / Environment Control: Heating Equipment :- Water Bath, Bath Shaker, Ovens, Bath Stirrer, Digestion Apparatus, Incubators, Egg Incubators, Bacteriological Incubators, Incubators :- BOD Incubator, Phytotron, Plant Growth Chamber, CO2 Incubator, Humidity Cabinet, Envirnomental Chamber, Humidity-Cum-Envirnomental Chamber, General Laboratory Equipment: General Equipment :- Seed Germinator, Homogenizer, Vortex Mixer, Flask Shaker, Laboratory Mill/Vaccum Pump, Fermentor, Muffle Furnace, Isotope Handling Equipments, Hospital Utensils, Disinfector.

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YSPL?900 Instrument Sterilizer

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YSPL-900 Instrument Sterilizer

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