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Orbital Welding

Navi mumbai

A Quality Product from
Navi Mumbai - India

Description :
We offer orbital welding services as a turn key job or labor jobs anywhere in India and abroad for orbital welding. We are having state of the art orbital welding machines for welding tubes of diameter upto 2? and thickness upto 3.5 mm. We are a team of very expert and experienced engineers in the field of piping.

Orbital welding is Automatic Tunguston inert gas welding. It eliminates chances of manual errors in welding. It produces identical welds for hundred of times hence accuracy in welding.

Orbital welding was first used in the 1960's when the aerospace industry recognized the need for a superior joining technique for aerospace hydraulic lines. A mechanism was developed in which the arc from a tungsten electrode was rotated around the tubing weld joint. The arc welding current was regulated with a control system thus automating the entire process. The result was a more precision and reliable method than the manual welding method it replaced.

Orbital welding became practical for many industries in the early 1980's when combination power supply / control systems were developed that operated from 110 V AC and were physically small enough to be carried from place to place on a construction site for multiple in-place welds. Modern day orbital welding systems offer computer control where welding parameters for a variety of applications can be stored in memory and called up when needed for a specific application. The skills of a certified welder are thus built into the welding system, producing enormous numbers of identical welds and leaving significantly less room for error or defects.

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We are a leading manufacturer of Laboratory Gas Handling Systems. Our products range includes:
Orbital Welding System, Gas Mixing / Blending Systems, Process Gas Supply System, Cylinder Quad, Laboratory Gas Handling System, Gas Cylinder Cabinet, Gas Purifier Console, High Pressure Cylinder Changeover Manifold, Gas Quick Changeover Modules, Pressure Regulating Valves, Gas Cylinder Brackets, Trolley, Sampling Bottles, Gas Flowmeters / Rotameters, Flow Control Valves, Sample Cooler. We design, develop, supply and install customized Turn Key Projects for Gas Supply, Gas Purification and Regulating Systems, High Pressure Process Gas Manifold System, Pressure and Flow control Equipments, Sampling Bottles, Cylinder Cabinets, Trolleys, Quads, Pallets, Engineering Hardware and Systems associated with gas industry like Cylinder and Bottle testing facilities required for Laboratories, Process Industries, OEMs etc.We also supply high quality Pressure Reducing Valves required for high purity gases. We undertake Instrumentation jobs like turnkey instrumentation and automation, repairing of instruments, maintenance contracts for instrumentation, etc. We also develop and manufacture hard to find and absolute spares requires for old instruments installed in process industries. We also develop exact duplication of absolute electronic or mechanical spares.

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