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Fabdecon Engineers


Fabdecon Engineers



A Quality Product from
Fabdecon Engineers [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
-Machine Upright: Fabricated from structural steel with broad ase to give stavle and smooth operation. The base plate is extended to incorporate castor tracks to guide the container in position.This also houses the complete mechanism for elavating the upper assembly basically consisting of the hydrualic cylinder, power pack and the electrical controls.
-Upper Assembly: Again fabricated from structural steel and mounted on the machine upright, actuated by hydrualic cylinder and stabalised by a guide rod,this houses all the drive elements and if necessary optionally the dust free container cover.
-Change Can: Mounted on castors, this can be moved about easily.Normally there are two fixed castors and one swivel type for easy manoeuvrability.The container also has arrangement to get positioned and locked to the machine upright.
-Agitator Assembly: The vertical shafts of the planetary agitator assembly run in antifriction bearings housed in a fabricated housing accomodating the epicyclic gear train.Standard construction has shafts having oppositely pitched blades,which impart simultanously radial and thrust to the contents being processed.
-Elavating Mechanism: The upper assembly complete with the mixing elements has rise and fall adjustment, through manual or motorised operation of mechanical or hydraulic operating gear depending upon the size of the equipment.This facilitates aces to and thus cleaning of the mixing elements and the interior of the can, when changing formulation.
-Drive: This basically consisting of motor,worm reducer planetary gear train and connecting elements, are mounted on the upper assembly.The necessary switchgear for the drive is however accomodated in the achine uprght.In case of none flame proof application, the interconnecting wiring is completed at shop before despatch.

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Fabdecon Engineers

Manufacturers & Exporters of Mixer, Mixing Equipment, Dryer, Continous Sigma Mixer, Ploughshare Mixer, Rubber cutter dissolver, Cone Screw mixer, Mixtruder, Sigma Mixer, Mixer Extruder, Dual level Sigma Mixer, Sigma Mixer Extruder, Kneader, Dual level kneader, Continous Kneader, Continous processor, ploughshear mixer, plough Mixer, Nauta mixer, Blender, Rubber Dissolver, V-Blender, Double cone blender, Agitator, Continous Ploughshare Mixer, Ploughshare Mixer Reactor, Ploughshare Mixer Dryer, Multiphase mixing drying equipment, Agitated Reactor, Agitated Dryer, Double Arm Mixer cum kneader, Portable Mixer, Planetary Mixer, Planetary Mixer kneader, Double planetary Mixer, Chemical Reactor, Ribbon blender, High Speed Disperser, Concentric shaft Mixer, Rotostat Mixer, Complete range of agitators.

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