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A Quality Product from
CIXI - China

Description :
It is made of reinforced graphite sheet SW-005.Has excellent corrosion-resistance, high-and-low temperature resistance good compression resilient and high intensity can be used as sealing elements of pipe ,valve, pump, pressure vessel thermal exchanger condenser, etc. Also we can make other complex gaskets such as water column gasket, flange gasket with bolt holes ,etc.

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Manufacturers of Gaskets Our products include the static sealing gasket(used in every kind of the tube flange, vessel, towel, heat exchanger etc) and sealing packing which used in every kind of the pumps and valves, it can resistant corrosion acid and alkali, exist in higher or lower temperature and high pressure. Our sealed expert helps you to find the best solution at any time! You satisfaction it what we pursue forever.

  • Gaskets: graphite high pressure gasket, spiral wound gasket, metal eyelet gasket, expanded Tefllon joint sealing gasket.This kind of gasket can bend to any shape.As flexible and compressed rate is big, they are necessary products used in the food, beverage, pharmacy, biology engineeying industry.They were made with the international standard.
  • Packing: They are used in the pump and valve's sealing packing in any condition, including flexible graphite packing, PTFE packing, carbonized fiber packing, Kevlar packing, glass fiber packing, mixed packing by the above material, graphite shaped ring, packing compressed shaped ring.The packing can be any shape after used in valve and pump.
  • Sheet: Expanded caraphite sheet .Reimforced Graphite sheet .NON-ASBESTOS BOARD MATERIAL . ASBESTOS BOARD MATERIAL .
  • Machining: It is mainly used as high pressure oil tube in the diesel engine, automobile industry etc cam shaft, rocker shaft, also can process according to the sample and drawing

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