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Hybrid Process


A Quality Product from
Pune - India

Description :
Royle has successfully developed an optical fiber preform production process called the Hybrid Process. The Hybrid Process places significant emphasis on higher efficiency and depositing rate of fiber and a lower cost of production.

The Hybrid Process is an integrated process of both the inside process (MCVD or PCVD) and the outside process (OVD) into producing a single-mode fiber preform. The MCVD process produces a core rod, and overcladding is then deposited on the core rod using the OVD process. The Hybrid Process is capable of producing high quality single-mode fiber with a very low production cost and can produce multimode fiber efficiently and economically with a low capital requirement. Unlike the MCVD process, the Hybrid Process uses basic material and components that are readily available around the world and substantially reduces the risks of shortage of raw materials and high production costs.

In 1996, Optex commenced its research program to develop a production process that is cost effective and reliable for the manufacture of optical waveguide fiber preforms. In 1998, Optex and Royle completed the initial hybrid technology research and development. They studied the optical fiber market and determined that 95% of the world's optical fiber usage was for telecommunications, which utilizes a fiber structure called single-mode. In a single-mode fiber, the core, or light transmission median, comprises only about 1% of the entire fiber area. The remaining 99% is basically pure SiO2 and is called the cladding. Optex has initially concentrated its Hybrid Process on single-mode fiber, as demand and profit margin for single-mode fiber has caused an accumulated annual growth rate of 30% for the past 5 years, and this growth is expected to continue over the next decade. A pilot plant was constructed and is located in the factory of Royle Systems Group in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, United States to demonstrate and optimize the Hybrid Process.

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Manufacturers & Exporters of Preform:- OVD, MCVD, Sintering, Fire Polish Lathe. Optical Fiber:- Draw Tower, Prooftester / Rewinder, UV Color Machine, UV Ribbon Line. Fiber Optic Cable:- Tight Buffer, Loose Tube, Stranding Line, Jacketing & Armoring. Power Distribution Cable:- Drycure, SteamcUre, Building Wire, Sheathing & Armoring. Data Communication Cable:- freeFoam Primary Insulating, N2 Injection Lines for Drop, Distribution & Trunk Cable, N2 Injection Lines for RF & Microwave Cable Apps. Category Cable:- High Speed Tandem Insulation, Sheathing. Color-O-Meter System Components:- Payoffs & Take-ups, Triple Crossheads, Extruders, AutoLine Control System Technical Services:- OEM Replacement Parts, Equipment Upgrades, Controls Upgrades, Engineering Design & Support, Custom Prototypes, Modifications, Consulting Services, Classroom & Hands On Training, Machine Shop Services, Installation Supervision / Commissioning and After Sale Service, Commissioning Policies & Field Service Rates.

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