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Indi Mech


Indi Mech



A Quality Product from
Indi Mech [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
-Mixing Chamber Alloy steel, fabricated, hard faced, jacketted ( longitudinal and transverse) for steam heating & water cooling.
-Mixing Rotors Made of Alloy cast-steel, spirally annular design, with node tips internally cored for effective temperature control. The land of the nodes are hard faced and profile ground.
-Pressure Lid Steel fabricated, hard faced at mix contact area.
-Dust Seals Specially designed to keep environment cleanliness, easy replaceble.
-Dust Exhauing Device Hovering vapours/dust, absorbed by ducting to dust collector.
-Sequence Control Either manuall or automatic by electrical control panel.
-Temperature Indication & Control Temperature indicators with thermorobes giving the exact mix temperature. Automatic temperature control device with forced water pump and contact thermometer can be provided as optional features.
-Bed Plate "MONO BLOCK" Steel fabricated, as in all other machinery.

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Indi Mech

We Are Manufacturer Of Down stroke hydraulic presses, Unidrive rubber Mixing mills, Upstroke hydraulic presses, Hot feed rubber Extruder, Calander Machine, Dispersion Kneader.

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-Mixing Chamber Alloy steel, fabricated, hard faced, jacketted ( longitudinal and transverse) for steam heating & water cooling. -Mixing Rotors Made of Alloy cast-steel, spirall ....

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