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Gpc Medical Ltd.


Gpc Medical Ltd.

Laryngoscopes (DG140)


A Quality Product from
Gpc Medical Ltd. [View Profile]
Delhi - India

Description :
Manufacturers and Exporters of hospital, medical scientific, laboratory equipment, devices and instruments.

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Gpc Medical Ltd.

Manufacturers and Exporters of hospital, medical scientific, laboratory equipment, devices and instruments.

  • Our Products are : Anaesthesia products
  • Airways, Anaesthesia, Machines, Artificial Resuscitators, Black Rubber Artificial Resuscitators, Silicon, Bains Circuit Clausen Harness Belts, Connectors and Valves, Corrugated Breathing Tubes, Endotracheal Tubes Face Masks- Black Rubber, Face Masks-Silicon Laryngoscopes, Magill Forceps, Oxygen Therapy Equipment, Rebreathing Bags, Vaporizers
  • Autoclaves Autoclaves-Accessories: Autoclaves-High Pressure Autoclaves-Pressure Cooker Type, Autoclaves-Wing Nut Type.
  • Baby Care Equipment: Baby Incubator, Foetal Heart Monitor, Infant Radiant Warmer, Infantometer Phototherapy unit.
  • Diagnostic Instruments:Binocular Loupes, Diagnostic Sets, Ear Syringes, Elisa Kits Head Band and Mirror Set, Head Lights, Laryngoscopes, Mouth Examination Mirrors, Oto-opthalmoscope set, Otoscopes, Percussion Hammers Proctoscopes, Sphygmomanometers, Stethoscopes, Thermometers, Tongue Spatulas, Tuning Forks Vaginal Speculums.
  • Hospital Furniture Ambulance Stretcher Trolley, Anaesthesia Trolley, Angle Poise Lamp/Examination Lamp , Baby Cradles, Baby Crib , Backrest, Bedside Locker with Overbed Table , Bedside Lockers, Bedside Screens, Bedside Stools, Bedside Table, Blood Donor Chair, Bowl Stand, Burn Cage, Carrying Cot, Crash Cart, Delivery Beds, Dressing Trolley , Drug Trolley, Emergency & Recovery, Trolley, Examination Couch, Examination cum Gynae Cables, Examination Tables, Foldable Stretchers, Foot Steps, Fowler Beds, General Trolley, Gynaecological Couch , Halogen Examination Lamps , Hospital Beds , ICU Beds , Instrument Cabinets , Instrument Trolley , Instrument/Medicine Trolley, Kick Buckets, Linen Trolley, Mayo Trolley, Obstetric Labour Tables, Operation Tables, Overbed Tables, Oxygen Cylinder Trolley, Patient Record Trolley, Patient Stretcher Trolley, Patient Transfer Trolley Systems, Pediatric Beds, Revolving Stools, Saline Stand, Scialytic Lamps, Semi Fowler Beds, Soiled Linen Trolley, Spot Lights, Surgeon Stools, Swaddling Tables, Utility Trolley, Ward Trolley Waste Bin, X-Ray View Box.
  • Hospital Garments:Aprons , Caps, Doctor Coats & Jackets, Face Masks, Gowns, Patient Suits, Pillow Covers, Sheets, Shoe Covers, Towels.
  • Laboratory Equipment: Distilling Water Still, Furnaces, Heating Mantle, Hot Air Ovens, Hot Air Sterilizers, Hot Plate, Humidity Cabinet, Incubators, Laboratory Balances, Laminar Air Flow, Magnetic Stirrer, Rotator Shaker, Vortex Mixer, Water Bath,
  • Medical Disposables: Anaesthesia, Blood Management, Gastroentrology, General Surgery, Gynaecology, Hospital Sundries, Infusion Therapy, Pathology Lab Items, Urology.
  • Microscopes and Projectors Binocular Microscopes, Co-Axial Binocular Microscopes, Dissecting Microscopes, Medical Microscopes, Microtomes, Monocular Microscopes, Overhead Projectors, Profile Projectors, School Microscopes, Slide Projectors, Student Microscopes, Trinocular Microscopes,
  • Miscellaneous Products Baby Bath Tubs, Health Worker Bags, Kerosene Pressure Stoves, Lanterns, Measuring Tapes, Midwifery Box, Pen Torches, Petromex, Polythene Sheeting, Safety Pins, Snellen Alphabet Charts, Soap Box, Umbilical Cotton Tape,
  • LOrthopaedic Implants Bone Plates, Bone Screws, Ender Nails, Hip Prosthesis, IMSC Nails, Interlocking Femoral Nails, Interlocking Tibial Nails, Kuntscher Cloverleaf Nails, Kuntscher V Nails, Locking Bolts, Orthopaedic Hammers and Mellets, Orthopaedic Implants Sets, Pins and Wires, Retractors, Elevators & Hooks Rush Nails, Spheniodal Punch And Roungeurs, Square Nails, Tubular External Fixator.
  • Orthopaedic Instruments Bone Cutting Instruments, Bone Drills and Twist Drills, Bone Holding Forceps, Bone Plate Instruments, Bone Screw Instruments, Chiesels Osteotomes Gouges, External Fixation Instruments Hip Prosthesis Instruments, K-Nail Instruments Knee Surgery Instruments, Pin and Wire, Instruments, Plaster Instruments, Skull Surgery Instruments.
  • Physiotherapy Equipment: Continuous Passive Motion System, Diathermy Machine, Digital Ultrasonic, Hydrocollator, Interferential Therapy Unit, Muscle Stimulator, Quadriceps Table, Shoulder Wheel, Slimming Machine, Traction Table, Traction Units, Wax Bath.
  • Rehabilitation Aids : Abdominal Supports, Back Support, Cervical Aids, Fracture Aids, General Aids, Knee Calf and Ankle Supports, Traction Kits, Walking Aids, Wrist and Elbow Supports.
  • Shadowless Lights Ceiling Operation Lights, Mobile Operation Lights
  • Stainless Steel Hospital Holloware and Sterilizers, Autoclaving Trays and Boxes, Bed Pans, Dressing Drums , Dressing Jars Forceps Jars, Gallipots, Instrument Boxes Instrument Sterilizers, Irrigators (Enema Cans) Lotion Bowls, Measure, Midwifery Case, Sputum Mugs, Trays (Instrument/Catheter/Kidney), Urinals, Wash Basins.
  • Surgical Instruments (General) Abdominal Retractors, Anal Retractors, Rectal Specula, Antrum Punch Forceps, Sphenoid Punches Artery Forceps, Broncho-Esophagoscopy Forceps , Cervical Biopsy & Specimen Forceps, Cheek & Lip Retractors, Clips Applying Forceps, Dissecting Scissors, Dressing Forceps, Ear Dressing Forceps, Ear Polypus Forceps, Hysterectomy Forceps, Lamina Spreaders, Laryngeal Polypus Forceps, Ligature, Wire Cutting & Gum Scissors, Micro & Gum Scissors, Mouth Gags, Nasal Specula, Needle Holders, Operating Scissors, Plaster Shears, Bandage & Utility Scissors, Punches and Curettes, Retractors, Rhinoplastic Instruments, Scalpel Handles, Septum Compression Forceps, Sponge Holding Forceps, Sterilizing Forceps, Suction Tubes, Trocars, Tissue & Organ Holding Forceps, Tissue Forceps, Tongue Depressors, Tongue Holding Forceps, Tonsil Snares Towel Forceps, Umbilical Scissors, Uterine Dilators, Uterine Sounds and Depressors, Vaginal Specula.
  • Surgical Needles:Anaesthesia Needles, Biopsy Needles, Hypodermic Needles, Special Needles, Suture Needles .
  • Surgical Rubber Goods: Asepto Syringe, Breast Pump, Chloroform Bellows/Inhaler, Corrugated Drainage Sheets, Ear/Ulcer Syringe, Enema Syringe, Hot Water Bottles, Ice Bags, Invalid Air Cushions, Kellys Douche Pad, Mackintosh Sheeting, Ring Pessaries, Rubber Bladders, Rubber Bulbs, Rubber Catheters, Rubber Sheeting, Rubber Tubes, Vaginal Douche Spray.
  • Weighing Scales: Adult Weighing Scales, Baby Weighing Scales, Height Measuring Scales, Salter type Hanging Scales, Tubular Hanging Scales.

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