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United Surgical Industries


United Surgical Industries

Bed side Locker (General)- USI-1019

New delhi

A Quality Product from
United Surgical Industries [View Profile]
New Delhi - India

Description :
Bed side Locker (General) (16"L x 16" W x 32" H)
Tubular pipe construction fitted PVC stumps assembled to M.S. cupboard stainless steel / top. *Epoxy Powder Coated.

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United Surgical Industries

Manufacturer & Exporter of Hospital Beds : ICU Bed Electric, ICU Bed Mechanically, Fowler Bed. Bed Accessories : I.V. Rod, Side Railing, Mattress. Ward Equipments : Bed Side Locker, Over Bed Table, Saline Stand. Patient Carrying Trolley : Emergency Trolley, Stretcher on Trolley, Stretcher Canvas Folding. Wheel Chairs & Walking Aids : Wheel Chair Folding, Wheel Chair Non Folding, Wheel Chair Commode. Examination Couches : Couch with Cabine, Couch Plain, Gynaec Couch. Operation Tables : Hydraulic Operation Table, Electrical Operating Table. Operation Lights : Ceiling O.T. Light, Mobile O.T. Light. Delivery Tables : Obstetric Delivery Table, Obstetric Labour Table. Ward and O.T. Trolleys : Instrument Trolley, Mayo's Instrument Trolley, Dressing Trolley. Other Equipments : Patient Stool Revolving, Footsteps, Basinet. Operation Theatre Equipment : Kedney Tray, Dressing Drums, Auto Claves.

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