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Mining & Drilling Services


Mining & Drilling Services

Air Line Lubricators


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Kolkata - India

Description :
MDS 201 Airline Lubricator is designed to provide adequate lubrication to Pneumatic Tools which is very much essential for their efficient working and upkeep its performance. MDS lubricator improves the functioning of pneumatic equipment, reduces wear and maintenance, increases productivity and improves the overall economy. It can be attached to the hose some 10 feet from the tool. This device automatically provides a supply of finally automised oil to all working parts.

MDS lubricators are recommended for pneumatic breakers and rock drills with mineral oil. Its simple, light weight design means low pressure drop, reliable dosage and easy operation.

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Mining & Drilling Services

Manufacturing and supplying of Mining, drilling, pneumatic, tools, pneumatic equipments, construction, accessories, atlas copco, chicago pneumatic, contractors, mining tools, concrete breakers, pusherlegs, airline , hose, clamps, couplings, compressors, air tools, air , airline lubricants, hose nipples, air hoses, extention, drilling tools, jack hammers. - Breakers - Drifters - Spares & Accessories. - Hand Held Rock Drills - Pusher Leg MDS 62K - MDS-120F Drifter - Simba Junior - Drill Rod Grinder

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