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Grovers International


Grovers International

fluid bed dryer


A Quality Product from
Grovers International [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
-All stainless steel CGMP models and basic models with only product contact parts and air path in stainless steel
-Optional single piece retarding chamber and finger bag chamber with imported inflatable seals
-Optional hinged swing type retarding chambers
-Bucket type bottom chamber above ground level
-Spray granulation
-Pneumatic lifting & locking for product container with retarding chamber
-Heating by electricity (upto 120 KG models only), steam / thermic fluid OR diesel oil / LPG gas fired hot air heating systems with stainless steel heat exchangers
-Fully automatic bag shaking
-Intrinsically safe earthing arrangement
-Inlet-air filtration system with 0.3 micron hepa filters
-Rear chamber with heating coils and air inlet filter modules to be mounted in remote areas
-Fan motor unit to be mounted in remote areas
-Stainless steel interconnecting duct lines with flanges for connecting remote mounted heating and fan motor modules
-Noise level below 90 DB with specially designed silencer
-Microprocessor based control panels with time v / s temperature controls, batch programming, batch data printout.

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Grovers International

We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of TABLET COMPRESSION:- Rotary Tabletting Machine, Punches And Dies, De-Burrer And De-Duster, Dust Extractor, Tablet Counting Machine, Tablet Hardness Tester. TABLET GRANULATION & TABLET COATING:- Rapid Mixer & Wet Granulator, Oscillating Granulator, Powder Mass Mixer, Multi Mill, High Speed Sifter, Communiting Mill, Coating Pan. TABLET TESTING:- Tablet Dissolution Tester, Tablet Disintegration Tester, Tap Density Tester, Friabliator. LIQUIDS, OINTMENTS, CREAMS & POWDERS:- Powder Dozing Machine, Cream Filler, Planetary Mixer/Emulsifier, Powder Filling Machine, Tube Filling Machine, Colloid Mill, Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine, ROPP Cap Sealing Machine. PACKAGING & LABELLING:- Tropical Blister Packing Machine, Alu/Alu Blister Packing Machine, Cartoning Machine, Strip Sealing Machine, Bagging Machine, Sachet Packing Machine, Sachet Packing Machine-center seal. CAPSULES:- Manual Capsule Filling Machine, Semi Automatic Capsule Filling, Machine, Semi Automatic Capsule Counting, Machine, Capsule Printing Machine, Capsule Polishing Machine. DRYERS:- Fluid Bed Dryer, Atmospheric Tray Type Dryer, Shelf Type Static Vacuum Dryer, Dry Heat Sterilizer, Steam Sterilizer, Steam Sterlizer Table Top Model. INDUSTRIAL OVENS:- Conveyrised Oven For Radiator Baking, Gas Fired Oven For Radiator Baking Batch Type. BLENDERS:- Double Cone Blender, Ribbon Blender, Octogonal Blender, V Type Blender. INJECTABLES:- Semi Auto Microdosing Machine, Automatic Microdosing Machine, Ampuole Inspection Machine, Vial Inspection Machine. STAINLESS STEEL FURNITURE:- S.S. Chairs, S.S. Cupboards, S.S. Trollies, S.S. Tables, S.S. Miscellaneous.

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