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A Quality Product from
Haryana - India

Description :
For verifying the laws of vibrating strings, frequency comparisons with vibrating bodies, and determination of the frequency of a tuning fork by tuning a string in unison with it.
Consists of a hollow wooden resonance chamber measuring (l x w x h), 115 x 12 x 8cm, with two meter scales graduated in millimeters. One end of a brass and a steel wires is fixed on the edge of the resonance chamber and the other end of the wires are pegged with a tensioning key. Pulley and hook provided for the third steel wire to be tensioned by masses. Two movable bridges are also provided.
Weights not included. A. 1 meter with pulley and pan
B. ... do ... Super teak box superior parts.

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We are manufacturer of quality laboutary equipments/instruments, glasswares & chemical. All equipments are by categories:- BIOLOGY:-ADVANCE RESEARCH MICROSCOPE, BIOLOGY INSTRUMENTS, DISSECTING MICROSCOPES, I.S.I. MICROSCOPES, KYMOGRAPH, MICROSCOPES, MICROSCOPES ACCESSORIES, MICROTOME, RESEARCH MICROSCOPES, STEREO DISSECTING MICROSCOP. CHEMISTY:-AUTOMATIC PETROL GAS PLANT, BALANCES & WEIGHTS, BOROSIL GLASS WARE SPECIFICATION, DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS, DISTILLATION APPARATUS ETC, GAS PLANTS ACCESSORIES, GENERAL ITEMS, Heating/Industrial Instrum, LABORATORY PLASTIC WARE, LABORATORY SOLAR/ WEST GLASSWARE, TABLE BLOWN APPARATUS. ELECTRONICS:-COMPUTER TRAINER, DEMONSTRATION KIT, ELECTRONICS ITEMS, FIBRE OPTICS, LASER & KITS, METERS, MOVING COIL (A.C. RECTIFIER TYPE, MOVING D.C. (MCDC), MOVING IRON, OSCILLATORS, POWER SUPPLY, SATELLITE & COMMUNICATION, TESTER. FIBRE GLASS & AUDIO VISUAL EQUIP:-AUDIO-VISUAL ACCESSORIES, AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS, BOTANY FIBRE MODELS, EPIDIASCOPES, HUMAN SYSTEM, PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, SLIDE PROJECTORS. LAB EQUIPMENTS, GLASSWARE & CHEM:-ABBE Refractometer, Amber Burettes with Glass, Amber Colour Reagent Bott, Anaerobic Culture Jars, Arsenic Apparatus, Auto Karl Fisher Titrimeter, Automatic Pipette Washer, Autovariac, Biological Equipment & Wo, Borosil Glassware in Ambe, Bottles, Burners for Glass Blowing, Butyro Refractometer, Carbon & Sulphur Determin, Catalytic Hydrogenators P, Centrifuge Machine, Chromatography Apparatus, Chromatoset, Condenser without Joints, Condensers, Conway Diffusion Unit, Crude Fibre Estimation Ap, Dairy and Milk Testing Ap, Dewar Flask, Digital Automatic Micro Pipettes, DIGITAL P.H. METERS, Electrodes, Electrophoresis Apparatus, Essential Oil Determinati, Extraction Apparatus, Flask Shaker, Flasks, Flow Cup Viscometer, Fused Silica Laboratory W, Gas Estimation Apparatus, Glass Blowing Tools & Mac, Glass Cutting Machines an, Graduation Machines, Heating Mantles, Incubator Bacteriological, Interchange-able Lab Glasswares Interchangeable, Kjeldhal Digestion Unit, Kjeldhal Distillation Uni, Laboratory Clamps and Sta, Laboratory Hot Plates, Laboratory Jacks, Laboratory Rubber Tubing & Cocks, Magnetic Stirres, Manometers, Measuring Cyllinders, Measuring/Volumetric Flas, Melting Point Apparatus, Miscellaneous Fittings, Moisture Determination A, Molecular Weight Apparatu, Nitrogen Determination Ap, Orsat Apparatus with PTF, Orsat Apparatus with Glas, Ovens, Photochemical Reactor, Pipettes, Polarimeter, PSAW ADAPTERS, PSAW ADAPTERS, PTFE, Receiver Adapters, Rotaflow Screw Type, PTFE, Rotary Vacuum Film Evapor, Semi Micro analysis Appar, Separating/Dropping Funne, Sintered Glassware Porosi, Socket Forming Tools, Sodium wire Press, Still Heads/ Splash Heads, Stirrers, Stirrers, Supplementary Glasswares, Teflon Laboratory Wares, Test Tube Stands, Theromoeter, Tubes, U.V. Insepction Cabinet, U.V. Inspection Cabinet L, Utility, Vacuum Filter Holder, Vacuum Oven, Vacuum Pumps, Volumetric/ Graduated Gla, Water and Soil Analysis Kit, Water Baths, Water Distillation, Water Still, Water Stills, Weight Boxes. OIL & PETRO TESTING INSTRUMENTS:-ABELS FLASH POINT APPARATUS, ANILINE POINT APPARATUS, BOMB CALORIMETER APPARATUS, CARBON RESIDUE APPARATUS (CONRADSON), CARBON RESIDUE APPARATUS (RAMSBOTTOM), CLEAVELAND FLASH POINT & FIRE POINT APPARATUS, CLOUD AND POUR POINT APPARATUS, COPPER STRIP CORROSION TEST APPARATUS, DISTILLATION APPARATUS, DROP POINT OF GREASE APPARATUS, ENGLER VISCOMETER APPARATUS, FLOW CUP VISCOMETER, KINEMATIC VISCOMETER BATH, MELTING POINT APPARATUS, PENETROMETER APPARATUS, PENSKY MARTEN FLASH POINT APPARATUS, REDWOOD VISCOMETER MULTIPLE APPARATUS, REDWOOD VISCOMETERS, REID VAPOUR PRESSURE TEST APPARATUS, SAYBOLT VISCOMETER APPARATUS. PHAMACEUTICAL LAB. EQUIPMENTS:-AMPULE FILLING AND SEALING DEVICE, etc PHYSICS:-BALANCES & WEIGHTS, BAROMETERS, CONDENCOR, DEMONSTRATE & MODELS, DIAL TYPE POST OFFICE BOXES, ELECTRICITY, HEAT, HIGH-TECH OPTICAL INSTRUMENT, INDUCTORS, KAY & COMMUTATORS, LABORATORY FITTINGS & GENERAL AP, LIGHT AND OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, MAGNETISM & ELECTROMAGNETISM, MAGNETS & COMPASSES, MECHANICS, METERS & GALVANOMETERS, METROLOGICALS, MISCELLANIOUS, MULTIMETERS, POTENTIOMETERS & BRIDGES, RESEARCH OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, SOUND, TELEGRAPHY & TELEPHONY, TERMINALS & RESISTANCE WIRES. PLASTICWARE

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