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Gurley Permeometers - Model 4301


A Quality Product from
Ahmedabad - India

Description :
The Gurley Model 4301 Permeometer measures the porosity or air-permeability of materials where air flow is an important characteristic relative to their use. These materials might be non-woven or woven textiles, filter and cloth felts, some types of blotting, saturating and absorbent bag papers as well as meshes. Conform to TAPPI T-251, ASTM D-737, DATM 70.0-70 and ISO 5636/1.

features :
Quick & easy sample loading
Rapid test cycle
Excessive clamping pressure unnecessary
Portable & rugged design
Complies with TAPPI, ASTM, & ASA standards.

Product Applications :
To determine ability for material to pass air as a primary user requirement (such as parachute cloth or vacuum cleaner bags).
To evaluate materials used as filters.
Aid in determining coolness or warmth (as insulation values) in clothing.
To predict probable coating penetration.
To measure retention of filters, sizing or scratch after laundering or use.
To aid in prediction of water-resistant properties.
To measure the effect of treatments on porosity, density, nap or other material properties.
Allows fast & easy quantitative measurement of variables in production not detectable by appearance or other methods.
a non-destructive test to accurately delineate & quantify differences in materials and treatments.

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