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BPI - Basic Pendulum Impact Tester


A Quality Product from
Ahmedabad - India

Description :
The Dynisco BPI Basic Pendulum Impact Tester determines the energy required to rupture standard tension-impact specimens of plastic or ceramicmaterials. The BPI also determines the resistance of notched plastics and ceramics to breakage by flexural shock. Specified in several test methods, this diverse apparatus is available in Izod, Charpy,Tensile-in-Base and/or Tensile-in-Head versions. The Dynisco BPI Basic Pendulum Impact Tester features precision tuned bearing assembly for near-zero friction loss, resulting inrepeatable and comparable measurements. In the Izod test, the specimen is mounted in a vise in the base, then struck by the pendulum. The Charpy test uses a specimen mounted on an anvil supported near the ends, which is struck in the center by the impactor. The Tensile-in-Head test calls for mounting the specimen to the pendulum, while in the Tensile-in-Base test the specimen is mounted horizontally with one end in the vise and the other on the resting support. The BPI is a mechanical unit designed for simple impact energy scale and an easy to read analog display. An optional cold box allows low temperature impact testing. Liquid CO2 or LN2 brings the insulated stainless steel chamber from ambient to -50 or -60?C. When notching specimens for testing, use the Dynisco ASN Automatic Sample Notcher for accurate and reliable notches. Combined together with the ASN, the BPI is the most economical choice for pendulum impact testing.

features :
Heavy duty construction
Positive locking specimen holder (vise)
Precision tuned bearing assembly to control axial and radial motion
Alignment fixture built in level
Energy scales available in English or SI units.

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