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Saru Smelting Pvt. Ltd.


Saru Smelting Pvt. Ltd.



A Quality Product from
Saru Smelting Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Meerut - India

Description :
A wide range of Plates, Sheets, Strips, Foils, Tapes like capacitor foil, adhesive foil, comb foil etc. are available in the following materials.

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Saru Smelting Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer and Exporter of SOLDERS - SOLDER TYPES - Tin Lead, Lead Free, Cadmium Free, Silver Bearing, Cadmium Solder, Antimony Bearing, Bismuth Bearing, Indium Bearing, Copper Bearing, Gold Bearing, Soft Solder, Low Dross Solder, Precious Metal Solder, For Electronic Soldering, For Industrial Soldering, For Hand Soldering, For Surface Mount Soldering, For Wave Soldering, For Soldering Aluminium, For Soldering Copper, For Soldering Silver, For Soldering Steel, For Stained Glass, For Jewellery, High Temperature Solders, Low Temperature Solders, Precious Metal Solders, HAL Base, Eutectic Solder SOLDER SHAPES - Bar, Stick, Rod, Solid Wire, Paste, Chips, Strips, Foils, Spheres, Preforms, Pellets, Anodes, Oval, Star, Point, Square, Hexagonal, Octagonal, Anodes, Saw Tooth, Dog Bone, Flat, Rectangular, Segments, Cored Wire, Rosin Core (RA/RMA), Resin Core (RA/RMA), Water Soluble (OA), No Clean Wire (NC) SMT MATERIALS - SOLDER PASTE CHEMISTRY No Clean, Water Soluble, RMA ADHESIVES - Surface Mount Epoxy, Under fill Epoxy SEM MATERIALS - AIM Indium Materials and Solder Preforms, Indium Compounds and Chemicals, Gallium Alloys, Spheres, Target Materials, Bismuth Alloys, Specialty Wires, Gold Alloys, Cadmium Alloys SARU ALLOYS - Tin Alloys, Lead Alloys, Bismuth Alloys, Antimony Alloys, Silver Alloys, Solder Alloys, White Metal Alloys, Indium Alloys, Bullet Alloys, Shielding Alloys, Cadmium Alloys, Pewter Alloys, Babbit Alloys, Die Casting Alloys, Fusible Alloys, Linotype Metal, Monotype Metal, Stereo Metal, Matrix Alloys, Admiralty Jointing Alloy, Antifriction Bearing Alloys, Lead Shielding Bricks - Straight Plain, Angular, Interlocking, Window Manipulator Plating Anodes, Lead Shielding Containers/Flask/Cask - Transport Containers, Storage Containers, Working Containers, Lead Blocks, Lead Counter Balance Weights, Lead Die Cuts, Lead Casts CHEMICALS - PCB Assembly Fluxes, Rosin / Resin Based, No Clean, Water Soluble, Low Residue, VOC, PCB Fabrication Fluxes, Hot Air Leveling Flux, Fusing Flux, Industrial Fluxes, Tinning, Heat Exchanger, Radiator, Plumbing, Stained Glass, Solder Mask, Flux Analysis kits, Hand Cleaning Solvent, De-Drossing Powder, Stencil Cleaning Solvent ROLLED PRODUCTS - Pure Tin, Pewter, Pure Lead, Calcium Lead, Combination of Tin & Lead, Calcium Lead & Tin, Pure Cadmium, Pure Bismuth, Combination of Tin Lead & Antimony, Combination of Tin, Lead, Antimony, Cadmium, Bismuth, Silver WIRES & PROFILES - Cored Wire, Solid Wire, Bullet Metal Wire, Swaging Wire, Metallizing Wire, Babbitting Wire, Gasket Wire, Solder Wires, Lead Antimony Wires, Lead Wires, Tin Zinc Wire, White Metal Wire, De-Coppering Wire, Tin Wire, Lead Rods, Tin Anodes, Star, Flat, Dog Bone, Hexagonal, Octagonal, Rectangle, Saw Tooth, Oval, Point, Square, Extrusion, Flats, Came, Rods, Rings, Lead Pipes, Lead Tubes, Cadmium Tubes, Collapsible Tubes, Lead Came

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