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A Quality Product from
Mumbai - India

Description :
Inverter controlled welding rectifiers are manufactured using high frequency switching device called Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and Ferrite core transformer. Input main supply is converted into DC using diodes and is INVERTED into AC using IGBT and the output voltage is stepped down using the ferrite core transformer. Subsequent rectification & filtering provides almost pure DC output for welding applications. Power source is very compact & weighs only 10% compared to transductor/thyristor controlled machines. Efficiency and power factor for these
machines are very high. Input current for a given output in comparision to Thyristor/Transductor controlled machines, is only 50%. This amounts to tremendous savings. Weld quality is very good. Spatter level is negligible. Overall saving is quite substantial in comparision to Transdutor or Thyristor controlled machines, inverterised machines can be incorported with advance welding features. Most ideal machines for TIG, STICK (MMA) welding applications.

OSTEC series of rectifiers are based on inverter technology. Model OSTEC-200, OSTEC-250, OSTEC-300, OSTEC-350, OSTEC-400, OSTEC-450, OSTEC-600 & OSTEC-800 are produced by 'TECHNOCRATS'. Models OSTEC-200 TIG, OSTEC-300 TIG & OSTEC-400 TIG are advanced TIG welding machine with built in High Frequency unit and advance welding features such as Pulsing, Upslope, Downslope etc, cooling system for TIG Torch can be incorporated in the machine which facilitates TIG welding.

Other models produced for AC/DC TIG welding applications are AC/DC 200Sq, AC/DC 250 Sq, AC/DC 300 Sq, AC/DC 400 Sq. These machines are most suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as precision welding of Aluminium etc. SQ series of machines are Inverter controlled type.

features :
-IGBT" Inverterised Welding Rectifiers designed to work reliably under severest Industrial conditions.
-Designed to work under wide voltage fluctuations.
-Protected against over voltage, under voltage, thermal over heating, short circuiting of output terminals with indications.
-Inbuilt pulsing feature with knobs for selection of Pulse current and frequency.
-Remote current control pendant
-Power Factor and efficiency over 90.
-TIC welding applications with external high frequency generators or LIFT ARC/SCRATCH Start.

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Manufacturers and Exporters of plasma cutting, welding Machines, inverter plasma cutting, Portable plasma cutter machines. We manufacture the following Machines -

  • Plasma Cutting Systems[Inverterised,Thyristorised & Fixed] - Air plasma cutting machines upto 100mm capacity, Gas plasma cutting machines upto 250mm capacity, Profile cutting systems, Plasma under water cutting system.
  • Welding Machines - Inverterised welding machines, Thyristorised welding machines, Step controlled welding machines, Thyristorised power source & for systems, Step controlled power source & system, Thyristorised AC/DC TIG welding machines, Inverterised AC/DC TIG welding machines, AC welding transformers upto 600 Amps, Plasma gouging systems, Hotwire TIG welding systems, Transductor controlled welding rectifier.
  • Accessories - Universal gas shape cutting machines, Motorised straight cutting systems, Plasma cutting torches, TIG, MIG/MAG, Welding torches, Earthing clamps welding electrode holders.

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