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Fume Exhaust Cabinets / Systems / Hoods


A Quality Product from
Chennai - India

Description :
AEROMECH offers a wide range of FUME EXHAUST HODDS to suit every specific application of the user. The hood is fabricated from water proof commercial quality ply & block boards externally covered with industrial laminated sheets and interiors coated with epoxy paint over a suitable primer base . The inner walls of the working chamber is covered with epoxy coated asbestos or FRP or HDPE lining or as required. The working table is made of acid proof glazed tiles and provided with gas/air petcocks and additional power points, diffused fluorescent tubes.

The front shutter is of shatter proof clear glass, framed in suitable wooden structure with vertically sliding facility and is connected with counter weight balancing arrangement.

The exhaust system consists of a dynamically balanced centrifugal impeller, made of PVC/FRP, directly coupled with a TEFC industrial motor of 1440 RPM 3 phase 415 V and control led by a DOL starter with systems ranges from 500 CFM to 1250 CFM or above as it is proportional to the dimensions of the hood.

Cleanair Fume exhaust hoods are provided with suitable ducting of FRP or PVC material with required diameter and length as per the site conditions.

Cleanair Fume exhaust hoods are also available with full FRP construction or combination of FRP and Ply, With or without work bench. We also design and manufacture Scrubbers, Fume Extraction & Dust Collection Systems.

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Manufacturers of cleanroom equipments like: fan filter unit, modular cleanroom,laminar air flow benches -work station, powder dispensing booth, poisitive pressure module, air-showers, pass box, clothing-cleanroom, furniture, tacky mats, esd pvc sheets, wipes, air tent, biological safety cabinet class i,class ii, class iii. The services package includes cleanroom validation, dop integrity test, particle count test, velocity measurement, pressure balancings, air flow pattern, vibration, noise analysis and control.

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Fume Exhaust Cabinets / Systems / Hoods

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