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Morris Engineering Works Ltd.

Tainan hsien, , Taiwan

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1977

Morris Engineering Works Ltd. Was formally incorporated in l977. Our factory is located at Kuan Tien Industrial Zone in Tainan Hsien , Southern Taiwan with a size of 7 , 000 square meters. We have so many years of experience in manufacturing. To meet the growing demands of safety , quality and reliability from local and overseas markets , we are using the most precise devices , machinery and test instruments to produce and test the most up-to-date products .
With our highly skillful engineers , experienced technicians , huge production process and strict quality control which ensure our high quality products.We have many Kinds of outfits for you to choose , we can guarantee a monthly stable supply of over 10 , 000 complete outfits.We offer our customers competitive price , best quality economical , safe and reliable equipment with excellent after-service. Furthermore , we have the expertise to develop , create and manufacture superior products according to your requirements and/or your own brand (OEM and ODM). All of our products are well-done exactly in accordance to worldwide need and requirement. Therefore , we do believe our products will support the best quality.Beside that , we warrant our products to the user for one year from purchase date to be free of defects in material and workmanship. With such evident superiority , I Oxygen and Morris products have already won the great acceptance with good reputations from the world's major industrial corporations in Asia , the Middle East , Africa , Europe , U.S.A. , Latin America , Australia , and etc.

Products :
Manufacturer and Exporter of welding, cutting, heating, torch, handle, regulator, nozzle, tips, flowmeter, gas, oxygen acetylene, LPG, argon, gauge, goggle, sparklighter, outfits, cutter, blowpipe, accessories, medical, fitting, mixer, spray gun , pipe, hose, flashers, flashlights, adapters, cylinders. Our product range includes: -Complete outfit -Hand Cutting Torches -Welding Torches -Cutting Attachments -Torches Handles -Machine Cutting Equipment -Regulators-Single Stage -Specialty Tegulator -Medical Apparatus and Accessories -Flowregulator -Oxy-Acetylene Professional Equipment -Oxy-Propane Professional Equipment -Oxy-Acetylene Propane Equipment

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Morris Engineering Works Ltd.

No. 43, Kung Yeh Road, Kuan Tien Industrial DIST.
Tainan Hsien - 0000 () Taiwan

Phone(s) : +886-6-6986116~9/6991116~8
Mobile :
Fax : 886-6-6983116/6989956

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